SIM card registration (Tanzania 2020)

It is mandatory for users and owners of SIM cards in Tanzania to register by 30 June 2020 biometrically with their respective mobile network operators or authorised distributors, agents or dealers by using a National Identity Card or a National Identity Number (as per Electronic and Postal Communications (SIM Card Registration) Regulations 2020).

If not duly registered then SIM cards will be deactivated by mobile operators.

There are registration procedures for minors, visitors, diplomats, foreigners, refugees and others and also procedures for replacing lost SIM cards.

Please note that, unless otherwise approved by TCRA the following SIM card constraints apply:

  1. Not more than 1 SIM card for an individual from each mobile network operator.
  2. Not more than 30 SIM cards for corporates from each mobile network operator.
  3. Not more than 50 SIM cards from each mobile network operator for use from machine to machine communication.

Penalties include for an individual TZS 5 million, or imprisonment for not less than 12 months, or both and TZS 75,000 for every day during which unauthorised SIM Card used or possessed.  In case of a corporate, TZS 50 million and TZS 175,000 for every day during which unauthorised SIM Card was used or possessed.