Saving Tanzania’s sailors


VELMA Law is proud to have been of assistance with it’s pro bono work to set up, and continue to assist, Tanzania Sea Rescue with its legal and constitutional requirements.

Hear more about Tanzania Sea Rescue on the BBC World News .

Being a fisherman can be a very dangerous profession. If you’re lucky, you live somewhere that has organisations who will help if you get into trouble on the water, like lifeboat charities or well-equipped coastguards. But Tanzania didn’t have such an organisation, until Shukuru Lugawa came along and realised how urgently it was needed. He lives in the coastal town of Dar es Salaam, and had always been drawn to the sea, even though he grew up very far away from it.” Credit: RNLI”

Image: Shukuru Lugawa in a life jacket

18 September 2018

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