Pro Bono

We are pleased to offer pro bono services in some cases when we have the capacity to take on such work and we feel we can add special value in the circumstances.

We undertake a wide range of pro bono activities, from assisting Tanzanian sportsmen and women to expand their training and horizons, to advising on corporate governance for animal welfare charities.

We are a law firm member of Trust Law Connect of the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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Mining – Local Content Regulations 2019
New Mining (Local Content) (Amendments) Regulations 2019 have made some changes to the Mining (Local Content) Regulations 2018, which include: Local shareholding requirement for...

Microfinance Business service providers in Tanzania
Microfinance Act 2018 was enacted by National Assembly on 16 November 2018 (see VELMA Law earlier post) and now the Bank of Tanzania (BOT)...

Statistics information law in Tanzania
Statistics Act 2015 amended (as of September 2018), including as follows: A person shall not collect statistics through surveys or censuses, and shall not disseminate...