President Magufuli commitment to support Tanzania’s Private Sector

“The President of United Republic of Tanzania has assured the private sector its commitment to cooperate with them in planning and implementation of plans, policies and various laws on investment and business, and to remove barriers and bureaucracy that hinder trade and investment.

During the National Business Council Forum in May 2020 and during the launching of the Kiluwa steels company in the Coast Region recently.

The President said Tanzania is committed to ensuring that it creates and maintains a conducive business climate with supportive economic policies that attract investment in the country.

Since coming to power in November 2015, the President has put more emphasis on industrialisation as the main agenda for the fifth phase government. He stated categorically that his government focuses on building an industry-driven economy.

The President is walking the talk by creating good environment of doing business for both local and foreign investors.

Cracking down corruption systems, ensure smooth and quick clearing of consignments at the port and other entry and exit points have been among major issues that President Magufuli’s government is working on closely.

The President has always reiterated that the doors are always open for both local and foreign investors who wish to establish and develop businesses in the country.”


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