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We advise on PPPs and infrastructure projects.

The PPP Act 2010 (as amended), and the related latest PPP Regulations 2015, govern the general procedure for PPPs in Tanzania, which by definition in the Act include but are not limited to Agriculture, Infrastructure, Industry and Manufacturing, Exploration and Mining, Education, Health, Environment and Waste Management, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Trade and Marketing, Sports, Entertainment and Recreation, Natural Resources and Tourism, and Energy.

Solicited proposals:  Solicited proposals originate from the contracting authorities, that is, any Ministry, government department or agency, local government authority or statutory corporation.

The Minister determines them and publishes a notice in the Gazette specifying various specific project or projects which can be undertaken in partnership for a particular period of time. The contracting authority identifies a project and conducts a pre-feasibility study in respect of the project, which is submitted to the PPP Centre for approval.

Unsolicited proposals:  Unsolicited proposals originate from the private party, which can identify a project and conduct a feasibility study to present a project concept to a contracting party.  The contracting party may decide to conduct a preliminary analysis to approve or reject the concept.  If the concept is approved the project concept is processed for further analysis including by the PPP Unit in the Ministry of Finance. An unsolicited proposal must follow a competitive process.

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