Peter Long (Consultant – London)

Peter Long (based in London and advises on English and international law) is a specialist contracts and construction lawyer with 36 years experience in contract drafting, litigation and arbitration. Peter lives in London and is currently a special consultant on contracts and construction law to VELMA Law.

2002 to 2014

Consultant with CMS Cameron McKenna LLP, Solicitors, London:

  • Providing training to lawyers in the energy, projects and construction group in the firm.
  • Preparing precedents (standard contracts, clauses, opinion letters etc.) for use by the lawyers in the energy, projects and construction group.
  • Preparing know-how notes on specific legal issues and problems for use by these lawyers.
  • Acting as a “sounding board” for these lawyers on legal issues and advising on the legal structures of transactions.
1984 to 2002

Partner in McKenna & Co and then Cameron McKenna following the merger between McKenna & Co and Cameron Markby Hewitt in 1999:

Returned to London in 1985 and continued to practise in building litigation and disputes. During this period concentrated more and more on the drafting and negotiation of contracts for building projects.

The range of projects also broadened to include most kinds of infrastructure project both within the UK and outside it: civil engineering (roads, bridges, tunnels etc), utilities (power, water, oil and gas) railways, hospitals and schools (public/ private partnerships).

Advised clients on procurement methods, and drafted and negotiated the agreements necessary to be put in place to support the chosen method. Acquired detailed knowledge of many of the industry standard forms.

Issues arose over a wide area of the law: contract, tort, health and safety, real property, corporate insolvency, guarantees and bonds, indemnities and insurance, intellectual property, confidentiality, equity and trusts, planning, public and administrative law, environmental law, arbitration and conflict of laws.

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