Land Offices 2020

The Minister for Lands presented a Budget Speech in Parliament on 11 May 2020 and in this Speech the Minister confirmed (see paragraph 34 at page 21) that:

  1. Despite introducing the 9 Zonal Land Offices to cater for all land administration in Tanzania, a lot of people still faced hardships in reaching the designated Zonal Land Offices. 
  2. Therefore, with effect from May 2020, the Lands Ministry has introduced Regional Land Offices in the regions of Tanzania.
  3. All land services including land allocation, land survey, land ownership, land valuation, registration of titles and other documents, maps and drawings for each area will now be accessible in the relevant Regional Land Office. 
  4. The Minister urges citizens and regional and council leaders to co-operate and to use now the Regional Land Offices to access land services.

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