David Ochieng (Consultant – Harare)

David Ochieng ACIArb (based in Harare and advises on litigation strategy) is a commercial and general practice barrister based at the Harare Bar in Zimbabwe, and serves as an arbitrator in commercial disputes.  He was formerly admitted as an advocate of the High Court of Tanzania and spent a number of years practicing in Dar es Salaam and East Africa.  In addition to litigation work, he has experience advising on corporate transactions in Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya, before commencing practice as a barrister in Harare in 2010.

Cases of interest include:

Kufa & Ors v The President of the Republic of Zimbabwe & Ors 2011 (1) ZLR 447 (H) – challenge to the lawfulness of the composition of Zimbabwe’s former “Government of National Unity” – judgment on appeal pending.

Evans & Anor v Surtee & Ors 2012 (1) ZLR 202 (S) – nature of an order ad fact praestadum considered and defined.

Mangenje v TBIC Investments (Pvt) Ltd & Ors 2013 (2) ZLR 534 (H) – decision setting aside flawed expropriation of commercial farmland in Zimbabwe.

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